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southern-belle-outcast said: were you around for my complete and utter spamming of impala porn? xD

What do you think prompted that? Damn, if that car was a person, I don’t think I’d leave the poor bugger alone. If it’s possible to be attracted to a car, I am… Ugh, why do you do this? There is only so much my heart can take!!!!


p.s. this is my mun blog xD

hereticality replied to your post: “OOC: Someone please… Please holy shit please distract me. I can hear…”:

what’s the last REALLY interesting thing you read and why? *props chin on hand*

I don’t know… Hm, I’ve read a few interesting articles in the past few weeks, but most were about university, so I’ll steer clear of that. I’m switching to my side blog so I don’t bother people with OOC stuff.

I’m trying to learn Ancient Greek and/or Latin, and I’ve got a few of the books on Ancient Greek borrowed from my Grandad… I’ve noticed a few really weird things about the lettering.

Honest to fucking god I hope this whole family choke on their own fucking tongues.

No-one “asks” for rape. If people “ask” to be raped because of what they wear, you’re “asking” to be shot in the leg for being such a fucking twat. Now piss off out of my sight, you fucking cock.

Quick fact check for the new Richard fans


For those enjoying the portrayal of Richard III in The White Queen but worried about all the stuff Shakespeare claims he did, here’s a fact check:

According to Shakespeare (in Henry VI, pt 2), Richard killed the Duke of Somerset at the first Battle of St Albans. In fact, the first Battle of St Albans was fought on May 22, 1455. Richard was born October 2, 1452.

Yes, you read that right. Richard was two and a half years old when that battle took place. So either he was the most badass toddler in British history, or Shakespeare was making stuff up. He made a lot of stuff up, that’s just the most glaringly obvious example.

I’m not trashing Shakespeare. His aim was to write good entertaining plays, and he did. He never claimed his ‘histories’ to be actual history, and nor should anybody else. If you want to learn about the real Richard, I recommend Paul Murray Kendall as an actual historian.

If Shakespeare was any sort of historian, he’d be classed as a “historiographer” - he uses history like putty; he molds it to suit his own needs and desires for the purpose of entertainment. Tacitus’ Annals are a prime example of this, and while he’s more accurate (his accounts differ slightly, but overall are similar to Suetonius’ Twelve Caesars), he employs the same methods as Shakespeare.

Back-handed compliments in regards to emperors/men in power. They make their history seem more like a form of entertainment, and Shakespeare, much like Tacitus, may used dates rather liberally (or so we can assume).

Not only this, but Shakespeare was also under a tyrannical rule, thus forced to portray certain people in certain ways. Even if you truly did admire Richard and his deeds, you’d write that he laid with his own mother and father at once if you thought you’d be beheaded for doing otherwise.

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"Cheer up" - The Issue With Depression

"Why can’t you be more positive?"
"Cheer up."

Oh, thank you for this enlightenment. Truly, I can now entirely disregard my mental conditions and be happy! You have changed my life, you really have. Now I can move on with my life and accomplish new things and be happy and watch as the birds sing each day and be truly happy I am in the world!

This is why depression can’t be taken seriously. I spend every day of my life wondering whether anyone would even care if I buried a knife in my skin. Just because you think it’s something I’ll get over in time doesn’t mean it is - you do not know better than my doctors (I was consulted by four of them, and they all came to the same conclusion) no matter how much you think you do. Regardless of your delusion, my mental condition is serious, and it is painful. Imagine having a broken leg and someone repeatedly asking you “why can’t you just walk normally?”

What the hell? Just because you cannot see what’s wrong with me does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

It is a serious condition. I physically cannot make myself happy - believe me, I’ve tried - and it’s not because I ‘want’ to be borderline suicidal. No-one wants to feel so sad and helpless and hopeless that the only way out for them is for them to kill themselves. Some people genuinely feel like the only way out is death, and what gives you the right to tell someone what they should and should not feel?

"Some people have it worse than you!"

And? What’s that got to do with how feel? Again, let’s take the broken leg analogy and apply it to this. Just because someone out there has two broken legs does not make their broken leg any less serious, does it? No, in which case, what makes it alright to apply it to something to do with the brain? Yes, some broken legs heal, but some to not, and the same can be applied to depression - some people overcome it, and some people do not. It is not a choice.

Now, this next argument has been used against me personally, and as a woman (and someone suffering from depression), this really upset and offended me:

"It’s just because you’re on your period."

No, no it’s not. Whether or not I’m on my period has nothing to do with me wanting to kill myself every day of every week of every month. My depression might become more obvious and outstanding when I’m on my period (which is not the case for everyone at all), this does not mean I do not feel the same every other day. Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and unless you want me to start directing much of my hate and disgust towards you, I suggest you stop.

Overall, depression is disgusting. It’s something which many people feel the need to hide due to others immediately judging them for something they cannot help. They have to hide an entire part of them - likely making their depression worse in doing so - in order to save themselves from ignorant people like this telling them that they’re making it up.

Stop the promotion of these ignorant views and raise the awareness of depression.

Stop people feeling like they need to hide an entire part of them to be accepted.

Stop people feeling like suicide is the only way to make things better.

Stop telling them things that don’t help or even make it worse for them.

Depression is a serious issue, and it’s about time people realised this, and that it’s something people cannot help. It isn’t something you can brush under the carpet and try to ignore. Think of how many people think they’re alone right now?

They’re not.

Make sure they know that. Make sure they know they have someone to turn to without fear of being judged or ridiculed.